Vintrash Bar, the place in Bogotá where you eat, dance and enjoy

Vintrash Bar It is a unique place in Bogotá where gastronomy, music and enjoyment are part of the Vibra Experience and that is why you cannot miss it.

If what you like is to eat, dance and have a good time, this place is for you! Located on Calle 85 # 11 – 53, in the heart of the Zona Rosa in the capital of the country, it is a place where the rumba is different, because from the entrance you already know that things are not what they seem when you find a hockey table and a ping pong table.

It also vibrates with…

Why is going to Vintrash Bar a real Vibra Experience?

Forget everything you had in mind about a traditional bar because in Vintrash you can literally get lost, since the design of the place resembles a labyrinth, in which each path leads to a different environment:

  • If you want to talk with your friends, you can go to one of its different living rooms and share one of its delicious fishbowl cocktails.
  • Or you can also play a game of pool on their pool tables or entertain yourself with their fun table games
  • But if what you like is to demonstrate your skills for dancing, your thing is «el desnucadero»

For all this and much more, Vintrash Bar is a Vibra Experience that you cannot miss.

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