Viña Machado clarified if MasterChef Celebrity is scripted

Machado Vineyard who is currently participating in Master Chef Celebrity He wanted to resolve the doubts of many viewers and make it known if the program is scripted.

The third season of Master Chef Celebrity It has stood out for being the most controversial of all, as its participants have given much to talk about. That is why many of the program’s followers have at some point thought that it is scripted and each one has to fulfill a character and it was precisely Viña Machado who clarified the doubts.

doMaster Chef Celebrity is it scripted? Viña Machado was in charge of responding

During an interview, the actress received a question where she was told if she believed that at the editing level there had been a strategy to highlight conflicts, gossip and rivalries. To which Viña responded forcefully “When you get into a reality show you know that you are going to be edited 24/7“. However, he later wanted to clarify that the program was not scripted, but it was edited enough to be entertaining and generate more drama.

For that reason, he explained to his followers “Masterchef is not a scripted reality show, but an edited one, which is very different, but everything that is shown has been pronounced and said out loud. What happens is that there are contexts, and one as a contestant must get used to the idea that the real context is not going to be the one that one lived, but reality itself. And that everything you say will be used in your favor or against you. Thus he made it clear that it is a program in which there are no scripts but some characters are created with the magic of editing.

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