Vilma Palma 20 years after the ‘Red Car’

How have the years treated this Argentine band that made us jump so much in the 90s? We reveal it on Good Vibes Saturdays.

This Argentine group, in which the female singers have an unusual importance in pop (because they named them from the beginning as members of the band, including them in their videos), was very famous in the 90s, with songs like The party, Red car Y Transvestite.

Vilma Palma is an unusual group. His songs generally talk about superficial issues but with a lot of humor and mischiefAlso, by Latin American standards, having 7 members is extravagant. This is what they looked like in the 90s…




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Almost half of the initial formation has been replaced over time. This is what the 4 original members who continue in Vilma Palma look like: Mario “Pajaro” Gómez (vocals), Gerardo Pugliani (bass), Karina Di Lorenzo (choirs) and Carlos “Oveja” Gonzáles (drums). How have the years treated you?

And musically speaking? Listen first to one of their 90s songs, Red car…

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And now a topic from a couple of years ago, Stray animals

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Which version of Vilma Palma e Vampiros do you think is better? The one from the 90s or the one from today? Share this note on your social networks and tell us your opinion in the comments.