Viewer of ‘La Reina del Flow’ sent Andrés Sandoval a strange message

A viewer of the queen of flow He sent Andrés Sandoval, an actor in the production, an aggressive message, reproaching him for his participation in the novel.

The telenovela that tells the story of a reggaeton singer and songwriter has caught many Colombians. This Canal Caracol production, which is one of the most watched, according to Kantar Ibope Media polls, has entered its final stretch and the public cannot wait any longer to find out if Yeimy will stay with Charly or definitively with Juancho.

Recently, Carolina Ramírez said that she was inspired by these women to interpret «La Reina del Flow». And although the cast seems to enjoy the affection of Colombians, some fans show on networks that there are characters they do not like. Precisely, Andrés Sandoval decided to reveal a harsh message that a woman left him and in which he attacks him for his participation in the production.

Viewer of La Reina del Flow sent Andrés Sandoval an aggressive message on networks

Several actors had already publicly commented that some fans were sharing comments on social networks, in which they expressed some disagreement with their roles. Andrés Sandoval has been one of the most attacked because in addition to carrying a lot of drama, he has received aggressive messages for his role as Juancho.

Sandoval decided to bring to light the message of an apparent young woman who throws high-caliber disqualifying words at him. Among other things, the woman tells him “I hate you because you damaged the novel. Everything was going well until they put your horrible face. You are horrible, you pig pig.

The actor who is also on the air at the moment with the rerun of Rosary Scissors on Canal RCN, he decided to answer in a calm and conciliatory way, giving a lesson on how to learn to differentiate fiction from reality:

“I suggest parents accompany their children to focus on life and the television they watch. Above all, teach them that fiction is one thing and reality is another. Erika, I send you a big hug and encouragement that life is beautiful.

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