#Video: Woman falls from the 7th floor, and walks out!

The most impressive thing about this story is that whoever made the video preferred to continue recording instead of helping.

This strong video shows a woman from Kuwait falling from a seventh floor, while hethe person you work for records everything without asking for help. The recording begins with the employee holding on to the window frame, hanging in the air and screaming for help. The person taking the video calls her «crazy» and then watches the woman fall into the void without flinching.

Fortunately, the woman fell on a roof and survived.although he suffered different fractures, according to the news site Kuwait Times. According to the same portal, some reports indicate that the worker tried to commit suicide, however, the YouTube channel that shows the recording speculates that the employer could force her employee to wash her windows outside and that is why the incident happened. .


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It is known that the lawyer Fawzia Al Sabah will file a formal complaint with the corresponding prosecutor, for the negligence of the boss in not asking for help in the face of the crisis or at least try to avoid the fall.

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Taken from: Telemundo