#VIDEO: She defended the boyfriend who hit her, there is no right!

Be careful, abuse cannot be judged lightly, many women re-victimize themselves by blaming themselves, is this the case?

«She hit me at first»that was one of the main arguments with which Alexis Herrera defended himself against the rain of criticism that fell on him after a citizen recorded him while he beat his girlfriend in a park in Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca.

The video circulated on social networks and outraged the community. For this reason, the young man was recorded with her this Monday, as if nothing had happened, and publicly apologized for what he had done:

“It was kind of embarrassing. I know I messed it up, I’m a human being and human beings make mistakes. The video only proves that I am to blame there, but if she is a couple it is something mutual. Although you can’t see the full video, things went like this: she hit me at first, but I don’t justify what I do, they are very ugly things, after all, whatever she did (sic) are horrible things ( …) I got carried away with rage, jealousy, and nobody knows about our problems, ”said the young man, who was outraged because they did not publish the full video.

At the end of the video, which collects News NVC-Carthage, the young woman is more concerned about the comments on the video than about the aggressiveness with which her boyfriend treated her.

“Well, well, saying the comments on the videos, well, very ‘mischievous,’ well, those comments shouldn’t be made because nobody knows about anyone else. And well, now… (sic)”, concludes the young woman.

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Taken from: Pulse