Video of Shakira and her dad singing together

The video of Shakira and her father has been a success in networks. On several occasions, she has shown the love she feels for her father and that spread to all her followers.

It cannot be denied that one of the singer’s priorities is family. That was demonstrated during a concert in California of the El Dorado World Tour. Shakira’s father, William Mebarak was in the audience accompanied by his wife Nidia and his grandchildren Sasha and Milan, when in the middle of the concert he congratulated him on his birthday. He thanked her by blowing her a kiss.

On this occasion, Shakira uploaded a video singing a song in English together with her father. These were some of the comments: “Omg, your heart is made of pure gold!?❤️“, “Beautiful??? God bless you. How much I admire you Shakira. In every sense?» Y «Beautiful enjoy your dad in life is the best thing you do as a good son.”

The original song is called Domino, performed by Andy Williams.

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