Video of Luis Andrés Colmenares appears before he died

The case of Luis Andrés Colmenares seems that it will never come to an end, now an unpublished video of the young man has appeared.

Luis Andrés’s father recently wanted to share a recording of his son on his social networks shortly before the day of his death arrived. The person in charge of recording the special moment that the whole family shared was Jorge Colmenares, the younger brother.

In the clip you can see Luis Andrés with his mother, father and brother in a conversation full of jokes and many smiles. Apparently, they were celebrating the birthday of the young man who died in a well-known restaurant, because his brother tells him “Say hello to the camera, say something about your birthday… Did your head grow any longer?” to which Luis Andrés responds in the midst of laughter «No, my head hasn’t grown any more idiot».

Of course and as expected, the recording generated hundreds of comments from users on social networks. Many people were shocked to see Luis Andrés, and left comments like: “When this family was happy”, “How sad the end of this beautiful family”, “I was shocked to see Luis Andrés speak, you could tell he was a good person”.

This was the video that generated so much controversy and broke the hearts of more than one:

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