Video: Girl thinks about Disney princesses

A little girl tells us that the Disney princesses are not intelligent and makes a comparison with Mulán, of whom she has good comments and says that she is a fighting woman.

Disney stories have accompanied all generations, and will continue to do so. Most, boy or girl, have seen the children’s classics of waltdisneyWhat “The Little Mermaid”, “Cinderella”; “Sleeping Beauty”, “Mulan”, “Pocahontas”, among others. But What values ​​do we have when we see them?

There is no doubt that the classics show important values ​​such as friendship, courage, perseverance. But, How is the woman reflected in these stories? Even when we are lovers of a classic, in general, we have to be aware that women are pigeonholed into a role that is always waiting forever. She waits for Prince Charming, she hopes that if she is in a conflictive situation someone will save her, she hopes to find love, she waits… It is not for nothing that Sleeping Beauty hopes to wake up with a kiss, in the same way Cinderella.

This is how this little girl, barely 7 years old, thought, assuring: «Princesses are stupid because I think Mulan is very strong». The girl assures that the other princesses are only waiting for the rescue and are “half stupid”. «The prince does everything, it can’t be like that, that the princess also does her part» add.

Here it is in full video:

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