Video: Bunbury’s «Higher Than Us Only Heaven»

«Higher than us only the sky» It is the second single from his album Lignum vitae and was made by Alexis Morante.

On the new album Bunbury, «Lignum vitae», metaphorically coexist many voices. It does not defend a single position or possibility. “In the three years that I have been writing the material that makes up this album, I have led young people and not so young people to take to the streets to express discontent in countries like Mexico, Spain, Chili, Colombia, USA, England among other places in the world. I tried to make a social album and give voice to a general feeling, but I have returned to talking about myself and how I lived and felt it”it states Bunbury about his new album.

It should be remembered that Enrique Bunbury will visit our country in the month of March next year, will pass through Medellin on Thursday the 27th at Bullring The Macarena and in Bogota will be on Saturday 29 at the Magic Salitre Parkbuy your tickets here.

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