Vicente Fernández, the charro that cries throughout Latin America

Although Vicente Fernández has died, his legacy will hardly be forgottenhis voice, his songs and his films will continue for many generations.

After a relapse in your recovery ‘El Charro de Huentitán’ died at the age of 81 at Hospital Country 2000 in Guadalajara, Mexico where he remained since last August.

‘chente’ could not recover after health complications caused by a fall at his popular ranch located in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Guadalajara Mexico.

This is how we learned about the death of Vicente Fernández

Rest in Peace Mr. Vicente Fernández.

We regret to inform you of his death on Sunday, December 12 at 6:15 am.

It was an honor and a great pride to share a great music career with everyone and give everything for his audience. Thank you for continuing to clap, thank you for continuing to sing. #ChenteSigueSiendoElKing

Since 1967 the musical world has known the voice of Vicente Fernández ‘The voice you expected’ and from that moment he managed to record more than 40 albums.

In addition, he entered the world of cinema in 1972 starring in premembered and memorable movies like ‘El Tahúr’ ‘La Ley del Monte’, ‘Por Tu Maldito Amor’ and ‘El Arracadas’among many more.

Many of the Vibra listeners took advantage of our social networks to mention some of their songs favorites of ‘Chente’.

Now Vicente’s musical legacy remains in the hands of Potrillo Alejandro Fernández and his grandson son of Alejandro Alex Fernández who is also a singer.

What is the song or the movie that you remember the most by Vicente Fernández? Share your opinion in the comments.