Vibra TyM Drive In – Vibra

The day will come when we can see each other and vibrate around the same song. We will share again Vibra TyM Festival.

There will be three days of festival in which you can enjoy different artists and you can choose the day you like the most.

This is how our artists were distributed and you can buy your Vibra Kit according to the day that most catches your attention.

Friday: Monsieur Periné – SIAM and ChocQuibtown

Saturday: Cabas – Manuel Medrano – La 33

Sunday: Gusi – Santiago Cruz

For the first time Monsieur Periné will be on our stage at the Vibra TyM Drive In

The one who is a gentleman repeats and again ChocQuibTown will be in our Vibra TyM Drive In.

Manuel Medrano says yes to our Vibra TyM Drive In

La-33 arrives at the Vibra TyM Drive In with its flavor and its tumbao

Gusi got on our Vibra TyM Drive In Festival

We welcome Cabas to our Vibra TyM Drive In

Welcome SIAM to our Vibra TyM Drive In

The first driver who said yes to our Vibra T&M Drive In was Santiago Cruz.

When the good vibe comes out of the soul and is authentic, nothing stops it. That is why it is worth waiting, because we will return to sing out loud hurt alongside our most beloved Vibra artists.

Although the distance has not been easy, we know that one day we will vibrate again, to smile, to shout with emotion, to unite our voices in the Vibra TyM Drive In Festivalfrom your car.

We will meet again to sing so loud that nothing and no one can ever separate us again. We will meet again in our Vibra TyM drive in.

Do not detach yourself from our 104.9 FM dial in Bogotá, from our live radio and from our social networks, because soon we will tell you more details.