Vibra Experiences: Pong, the bar to play ping-pong and drink beer

El Pollo and Ali this time went for beer and ping-pong in pong, a bar to play table tennis in Bogotá and perhaps the only one of its kind in the whole country. A whole vibrating experience!

Pong is perhaps the only ping-pong restaurant-bar in Colombia. It is located in the Usaquén neighborhood, north of Bogotá, and it is a different place to meet your friends or, as they say, assemble your patch. There you can enjoy a wide variety of beers, accompanying them with mini hamburgers or snacks, but that’s not all.

This is the Pong bar in Bogotá

From the moment you step foot in this bar, you immediately realize that you are entering another world, because instead of the tables and chairs that you normally expect to find, there are ping-pong tables, and they are not for decoration. .

And it is that from 20 thousand pesos you can practice ping-pong while you drink or play the popular beer pong from 60 thousand pesos, which includes 2 bottles of beer. It is a very fun plan, ideal for partying with your friends, although you can also do it as a couple. And if you don’t like beer, they also offer delicious cocktails.

What is beer pong and how is it played? Rules

It is a game in which players must «dunk» the ping-pong ball into the opponent’s glasses, which are full of beer; each time a player “shots”, the opponent must drink the beer from said glass and remove it from the table. Whoever eliminates all the opposing cups wins.

Where is this ping-pong bar in Bogotá?

It is located in the north of the city, at Cra. 5 #119-47.

And if you don’t like beer, you can choose one of their delicious cocktails. For this and much more, it is a Vibra Experience that you cannot miss, as well as Zero Gravity, another fun and different plan that Ali and Pollo tried and also liked.

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