Ventino and his ‘White Christmas’ the song of this season

The song for this Christmas season is again in charge of Ventino and his ‘White Christmas’ will become the hymn during this end of the year.

Camila, Olga, Makis and Natalia surprise us again with a song that invites us to celebrate these dates next to our loved ones.

White Christmas is the song with which Ventino wants to ensure his presence in the homes of all his followers and thus continue with a tradition that they have been developing for some years.

Listen to Ventino and his White Christmas

We are very happy to continue this tradition, to present a Christmas song every year…

Ventino on his new song.

This song will be part of that list of Christmas songs that will be the perfect touch for a time of union, love and peace and its production was in charge of Santiago Deluchi.

Exactly one year ago, Ventino presented us with his song “Volvernos a Encuentro”which became an anthem during Christmas last year 2020.

We hope that this new song of Ventino accompanies you this Christmas with your relatives while sharing near the Christmas tree.

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