Up to what age to breastfeed a baby, myths and truths!

Many moms don’t know up to what age to breastfeed a baby because there are many myths about it, but here we solve your doubts.

Breast milk is an irreplaceable food in the first stage of life of human beings, that is why breastfeeding the baby becomes so important for every mother. Although in many cases they do not know what is the right age to stop doing it, that is why here we have some tips that will help you solve your doubts.

Until what age is a baby breastfed?

Breast milk has the best quality of proteins, water supply, carbohydrates and bacteria that are equivalent to probiotics, it also has other advantages such as micronutrients, vitamins and everything necessary for the development and growth of the child.

Although it used to be said that the correct age to breastfeed a baby was the first 6 months of life, the fact that the child is breastfed up to 2 years or even more has become more and more important. However, for several experts they assure that prolonged breastfeeding beyond two years is done due to an attachment issue, something emotional between mothers and children and that from a nutritional point of view, breast milk no longer has a contribution after two. years.

But other specialists on the subject say that breastfeeding can be up to six years, since the longer it lasts, the greater its potential benefit, so they can maintain it as long as the mother and child want.

How to stop breastfeeding a baby

What is known as weaning does not have to be drastic for the mother or for the baby. For that reason, it can be done for a long time, which means that women choose to wean during the day and breastfeed at night.

How does weaning affect the mother?

The most common symptoms that occur when the mother stops breastfeeding her baby is the possible appearance of mastitis or breast obstruction, hormonal adjustment, headaches, skin changes, tiredness, loss of appetite, irritability. , anxiety, insomnia and melancholy.

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