Uncomfortable questions as a couple that we have all asked

No matter how long you’ve been with your boyfriend or husband, there are some awkward couple questions that leave the other cold and not knowing what to answer. Has it happened to you?

Although there are important questions to meet your partnerLike what places would you like to travel to? Or who are the most important people in your life? There are others who really create discomfort; and it is that instead of opening the conversation, as if they were imposing walls, however, all of us have done them, at least once in our lives. Do not deny it!

12 awkward questions as a couple

We share a list of them, which can bring out the worst in each member, but which can be done to each other in the heat of a coffee or a good glass of wine, so that the atmosphere does not get too tense.

  1. Did you have fantasies with me before being your girlfriend(s)?
  2. What is the worst about you?
  3. Have you committed any crime?
  4. What’s the worst thing you’ve done while drunk?
  5. What is the most embarrassing experience of your life?
  6. What is that secret that you have not dared to tell anyone?
  7. Have you ever lied to me?
  8. Do many people flirt with you?
  9. Do you think you can only love one person in life?
  10. At what age did you lose your virginity, how, where and with whom?
  11. Is there something you don’t like in bed?
  12. Have you ever thought about marrying one of your exes?

Questions to your partner (uncomfortable, but that all of us have done)

Unlike the previous ones, we do not ask each other these questions while we have a coffee and have fun with the other’s answers; no, these are withering and they have surely been on your and my lips. In addition, we give you the explanation of the discomfort.

Do I look fat?

This question puts almost all the male members of a couple first, because they don’t know what to answer: anything they say can be used against them. But don’t think that only they are in trouble with something like that; for example, when they ask you if you can see their bald spot…

How many people were you with before being with me?

For some strange reason, perhaps cultural or sexist, women tend to reduce the number of sexual partners they have had, while men increase them, which is why, when asked this question, one always tends to lie a bit: “my first time , a crazy night and you.”

Do you think my cousin / friend / etc. is pretty?

Or its variant «how did you think my cousin?». Although he can also be a very distant relative, a friend or even an «X» that they just met. All the odds are against you, because as with the subject of fatness or baldness, there is no right answer. Watch your words, because you can trigger a show of jealousy or a scene of «I don’t believe you».

When are we getting married?

If your relationship is turning into a real «bombril» and the path to the altar is becoming more and more like Peñalosa’s return to the mayor’s office, this question will surely be terribly uncomfortable for both of you, both for the one who has given him long to the decision as for the one who presses with writing down a date on the calendar.

Finally, if what you want is to have a fun and enjoyable time, instead of doing this type of questioning, it is better to carry out this test for coupleswith which not only will they be able to get to know each other better, but they will also end up laughing a lot.

What is the most awkward question a partner has ever asked you? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks!