Ugly nicknames that occurred to Colombians

It is true that we are among those who like to give nicknames and obviously we also have to put up with it that they give us ugly nicknames, but depending on who does it, we see if we can stand it.

That is why Max, as always, could not miss the opportunity to make a Top with this theme and chose for his study the ugliest nicknames, the worst, the ones that can only be placed on someone they hate a lot.

Colombian Nicknames

Listen to the complete Top and think about which acquaintance has one of these nicknames and why, here.

We warn that it can hurt sensitivities or on the contrary die of laughter

First part from the top of ugly nicknames

Second part from the top of horrible nicknames

You like me? Surely many enjoyed it very much and others simply remembered bad times of school and University, others on the contrary got the best ideas to give nicknames to their friends, family or anyone else who comes to mind.

If you had fun that it sure was, share it on your social networks so that your friends, family or anyone who sees it can also do it.