Types of spite, what is yours?

At some point in our lives it is common to suffer from spite and everyone has their own way of living it, however, there are some «Types of spite» that are very common.

There are behaviors that we reach because of sadness, pain and resentment in our hearts, at times we miss our ex-partner a lot and other times we would like to forget it once and for all.

How does spite arise?

It’s easy and obvious, spite is the NO acceptance of a situation that affects us and in which we cannot do anything to remedy, because a decision that many times we do not make.

These are some types of spite

What we tell you does not have a scientific basis, but they are common behaviors that we see in our environment and obvious in our own experiences, right?

#1. Alcoholic

This may be the most common behavior of those who have a broken heart, almost all of us have heard «we are going to drown our sorrows in alcohol», but this really does not solve anything and if it leaves a tremendous and clear hangover after the headache, you return to think about that person, that’s why this path is not the solution.

#two. Depressant

When you are definitely in this situation, many things in your life lose their meaning, you isolate yourself, you don’t sleep well, you don’t have motivation, even your daily tasks go down, you even don’t agree to go out with your friends to distract yourself.

#3. Shy

This state is difficult to understand, sometimes it is obvious and everyone finds out, but other times it seems that you no longer suffer for love, and when no one expects it, they see you crying again for the same reason, your ex!

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#4. Indifferent

Sometimes this behavior is just to make others think you’re over it, you show a cold heart as if you never loved that person and it can be real, maybe you never loved that person.

#5. sexy

As soon as you get out of the relationship, your motto is «enjoy every time you can, because love does NOT exist», surely applying what the popular saying says «a nail pulls out another nail».

#6. Beggar

The behavior towards the people you know or surround you is quite strange, you request love and offer love hoping that someone will copy your message, and you do it just to feel important to someone, to get attention.

Which of these types of spite do you identify with or have you experienced frequently?

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