Two people or a cat, what do you see first? Psychological test

Psychological tests or visual challenges develop concentration, skill and intellect of each person, in this case what do you see, two people or a cat?

Álvaro Álvarez is a Mexican lecturera specialist in strategic communication and also a radio announcer who put on a very interesting challenge on the WEB.

He shared a psychological test on his Facebook profile in which you can discover if you are a person sensitive, analytical or, on the contrary, it is difficult for you to express what you feel.

What will you see first, two people or a cat?

doYou already did the homework? This is the result of the exercise:

1 – Two people about to kiss

Your sensitivity level is highwhich generates conflicts, makes it difficult for you to be in your communication and be a leader.

Secondly, being romantic and passionate can cause you physical and mental discomfort if you feel that those around you do not agree with your views.

2 – The silhouette of a cat

You don’t express your feelingsprecisely to prevent others from seeing you vulnerable.

This behaviour does not allow you to generate new relationships both work and sentimental, which makes opportunities get out of hand.

3 – The silhouette of the cat in the middle of the two people

You are a very analytical personHowever, giving so much thought to your affairs makes you lose opportunities in the present.

Faced with the anxiety of not knowing what is best for you pyou mean letting opportunities pass and pursuing your ideals and so you have been moving away from some important people in your life.

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