#Tutorial: Manicure of the Colombian National Team in a 2×3

With this tutorial you can get a manicure to support the Colombian National Team in its next match.

All sports deserve that we pay attention to them, but we do not know what happens when our Colombian National Team plays, because we feel that our blood boils with national pride, and we do not find a way to express our support for those 11 boys who They play it all on the field. Most of us wear the shirt, but some people go further and dare to try new ways to support the tricolor teamlike, for example, with a bikini.

If you cannot wear the Colombia National Team shirt because it is not allowed in your work or study or because you simply do not like it, here is an excellent option: tricolor manicure with soccer ball.

Tutorial: Manicure of the Colombian National Team

1. To simulate a Colombian flag on your nailsPaint the thumb and index finger yellow, the heart blue, and the little finger red. Paint the ring finger white to make the decoration.

2. Decorate the nail of your ring finger with a soccer ball Following the step by step of the following video to the letter. The instructor in the following tutorial decorates all her nails, but you should only do it on one, so as not to overload the manicure.

Watch video

And that’s it, to support our National Team!

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