Tutorial: How to make homemade blue lipstick?

Rihanna has made blue lipstick fashionable, but it’s so hard to come by! That’s why we show you how to prepare it yourself.

Would you paint your lips blue? It is definitely an unnatural color, indicated for October 31, however, celebrities like Rihanna use it and not exactly for a presentation special or a video, but to use it in your daily life.

If your style is youthful, daring and somewhat pop, blue lipstick is for you, but can you get it? We were looking for it and there are several (non-magical) on the market, but they look very pale and don’t last long. One as intense as Rihanna’s, you can most certainly buy it online, however there is an alternative: do it yourself.

We found this tutorial on the internet and found it very easy. We share it here for you, Let’s see if you dare to wear blue lips!


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