Tumbled Rose Quartz Polished Stone Set [1″

Rose Quartz tumbled stones ooze unconditional love. These gems sparkle with the promise of serenity, self-care, and surrendering to all that the universe has waiting for you. For those of us who tend to live behind high walls, to make ourselves small, and to keep fate at arm’s length, these healing crystals are here to tear down those barriers. This doesn’t mean you need to stand exposed to the wind and rain, but that you can walk through the world without fear, knowing that whatever happens, you can experience life at its fullest without being burnt. 

This love stone is all about learning to love yourself so that you can forge deeper bonds with others. When we have healthy boundaries and can let ourselves go to trust, this helps us to connect deeply with those around us and to have even more fulfilling experiences. It’s also a gem of feminine strength, nurturing energy, and the flow of fertility. 

With the essence of a true heart healer, Rose Quartz also keeps your circulation strong. This gem is a glorious addition to any reiki or chakra cleansing practice especially when you place it at your heart center. Rose Quartz brings purifying power to your meditation practice too. Hold this tumbled stone in hand and let the light of love fill your cup right up. It can also be placed around the home to welcome in loving and harmonious energy.