Tumbled Rainbow Fluorite Polished Stone Set [1″

Fondly called the ‘home of the rainbow’, these healing crystals glow with the promise of a new dawn. For those who feel like they are forever straddling a tightrope between worry and wonder, Fluorite is a fabulous stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. This cool-headed calming gem reminds us that there is no emergency here that can’t be solved with clear thinking, clean chakras, and a solid base built on peace, love, and a can-do attitude. 

Fluorite heightens mental abilities, sculpts physical coordination, and keeps the soul glowing with a thousand rainbow shades. It’s a gem that transforms negative energy into positive and brings a playful sense of self-assured thinking. These tumbled stones of Fluorite make a fabulous addition to your chakra cleansing tool kit. Shimmering with clarity, Fluorite can effectively move stagnant energy and bring balance to all the chakras before connecting with the heart chakra so you can shine straight from the core.. 

Along with lashings of clarity, this Rainbow Fluorite Stone Set is all prisms of joy and about learning to be in flux with the world around you. Being rigid and holding tight can lead to crumbling energy, but when we are soft and easy while staying strong, we can become a tree that shakes in the breeze. Our roots remain firm yet we dance. This is a gem of wind and water, cleansing rain and clarity. For those who want to live in elemental ease, Rainbow Fluorite is your soul medicine.