Tumbled Moss Agate Polished Stone Set [1″

Of all the tumbled stones, Moss Agate is an amulet of the natural world. This gem is brimming with gentle joys and with just one glance, this tumbled moss brings sunlight through the cracks of shade, chasing shadows and dissolving fears to make space for simple thoughts and glowing gratitude. This Moss Agate stone set brings you back to nature both externally and internally too. With this gem onside you suddenly find yourself meandering a little slower, stopping to smell the roses, and holding yourself in stillness rather than racing through the day. 

Like many gorgeous green gems out there, Moss Agate is a heart chakra healer. This gentle and fully nurturing stone invites you to clear out the shards of your heart and to piece back together the frayed edges so that you can feel whole and strong in the sweetness of personal power. When our hearts are healed we can let ourselves go to love and trust and relationships without fear. We also learn to strengthen our sense of self and can find cool-headed clarity and deep compassion for ourselves and others too. 

These tumbled healing gemstones can be placed on the chakras, carried on your person, or placed with feng shui care around the home. They bring a loving light and a celebration of the natural world. Helping us to stay connected to our body, our mind, and the beauty of our own soul.