Tumbled Malachite Polished Stone Set [1″

Bringing pops of pretty greenery to any space, these tumbled stones are natural magic. Tumbled Malachite is all swirls of green and black and patterns that whisper of tall mountains, deep forests, and fresh running water. Malachite is a head cooler. This gem makes sure that no matter what surprises and uprises are thrown your way, that you are forever able to keep yourself protected, firm of foot, and clear-headed. It invites joy and opportunity around ideas of change. Like the watering can that feeds the seed, Malachite wants you to grow. 

Malachite is also about heart chakra healing. Like many of the green stones, these healing crystals invite you to reclaim the nature of your own strong hearts. When we don’t tend our heart space it can get overgrown and tangled with vines of mistrust and hurt. Malachite helps to prune the garden, turning your heart into a self-sufficient space where love, trust, and the legacy of celebrating yourself shines out. 

These gemstones can be beautifully used in healing practices like chakra cleansing and helping clear out the aura space. As deep energy cleaners, Malachite gets right to the core. You can place them on your person, in your altar during times of meditation, on your mat during yoga, and you can dot them around your space to keep your home a sanctuary of strength, inner power, and free from the clang of chaotic negative energy.