Tricks to make your perfume last longer on your skin

It happens to many of us that we have a perfume that we love, however, an hour after leaving the house, we perceive that we no longer have that smell that identifies us. What can we do?

Next we will tell you 5 tips to make our perfume last all day! They will help you smell delicious much longer!

1. Wear strong fragrances

It is always good to vary, so we recommend that when choosing a new fragrance, choose one that has stronger shades. For example, aromas such as wood, cedar or clove, meet this condition perfectly.

2. Apply it in other places

It is advisable to put it on various parts of the body. In addition to the wrists and neck, you can use it on the ankles or behind the knees, so that the aroma is found throughout the body. The best areas to wear perfume are where you feel your pulse.

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3. Apply to damp skin

The most common mistake people make when wearing perfume is putting it on when they are dressed and groomed, before leaving the house. The reality is that the best time to apply the fragrance is right after getting out of the shower, with damp skin, as the steam opens the pores and the skin is more hydrated.

4. Choose an oily formula

The consistency of the perfume also influences its duration and aroma.

“The ones that are made of oil are definitely the ones that last the longest because they penetrate the skin and are less volatile, although the subtlety of the fragrance will not be the same as that of a water-based perfume (eau de parfum)”

Commented Avid Frossard, co-founder of Liquid Imaginaries.

5. Store it in a cool place

Perfumes can damage their smell when they are stored in places with a lot of light or a lot of heat. It is not good to subject the packaging to extreme conditions or temperatures, the ideal is to keep it in a dark and cool place, such as the closet.

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