Tricks he uses to go from kissing to something more

When we go out with a guy we hope that this can be a serious relationship, but there are some obvious behaviors or tricks that he uses to go from kissing to something more and here we tell you.

It is true that there is nothing wrong with casual encounters, the important thing is to be clear about what is going to happen so that no one gets hurt after the moment of passion.

There are extraordinary cases where love burns from the first moment, but in the vast majority it is something that happens little by little, and that is that you do not play with the heart, both men and women walk with lead feet. Who quickly wants to go from kisses to something else does things like these:

The following are tricks that he uses to get you into his bed and these secrets they have revealed themselves, they are situations in which we end up without knowing how or why, take note of the signs.

Tricks he uses to get you into his bed

#1. He makes excuses to go home…alone

Yes, we’re talking about that important little detail that you forgot and that you swear you can’t live without. Friend, you have become a little red riding hood and you are going straight to the wolf’s cave, if you don’t want it to bite you, reject the invitation. Being alone is dangerous when you have everything to end up in bed.

#two. When you are alone, you always have your favorite drink at hand.

Yes, we are talking about a little alcohol. They resort to this because they believe that this way you will lose inhibitions and let yourself be carried away to do everything. We will not tell you not to drink, but we do tell you to take care of the quantity and the ingredients to avoid bad experiences.

#3.- Do not lose sight of your lips

He forgets personal space, he is super close to you and his look says it all, in his mind he already took off all your clothes.

#4. Romantic music

It is no coincidence that they are alone and suddenly that honeyed music sounds that makes you want to dance like that, very close together. Do not believe that «she ran into the list», the truth is that she worked it to say everything she does not dare.

#5. Hold your hair while kissing you

And it is that with that he intensifies the moment, raises the temperature and even kisses you with more desire… but in reality he literally wants to eat you, it already made us hot just imagining it!

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#6. extra question

In itself, it disguises it as a series of questions to get to know you better, but in reality it increases the intensity to provoke you and encourage you to do «something new».

#7. They make up a fantasy about you

It’s barely the second or third date and he already tells you in great detail a dream he had about you and where everything happened. Please, what he is telling you is not a dream, it is everything he wants to do to you.

#8. Simple excuses to touch you

They seek contact at all costs, so they will surely offer to give you a massage, to remove your dog’s hair from your clothes, to put the label that came out of your dress or your blouse… my grandmother would say that it goes hand in hand long and maybe you are right.

#9. They change the tone of voice

Yes, they try to become a movie star, they speak more serious and lower… so that you get closer to him and make you tremble.

#10. They promise eternal love by saying «I love you»

Some do not tempt their hearts to make you feel that they will always be with you, but once they have you in their hands they attack and you never see them again.

If you want to continue playing the game, just don’t forget to protect yourself and remember that no one can force you to do something you don’t want, cheating or lying to you to achieve this is not correct because you are much more than your body.

If you want a relationship you really have to set the tone and if that person can’t respect them, then it’s not for you.

With information from I am Carmine