#Trick to make your stockings last longer

If you’re bored of your stockings falling apart, ripping and getting speckled, this trick is for you!

We women spend thousands of pesos a year buying veiled stockings that often last only one position, and not because we accidentally break them with a ring, a wall or a splinter under the office desk, but because they start to fall apart after washing them.

To save money and stop wasting it on new socks to replace old ones spoiled by tiny tears, we found a Grandma’s trick with which they saved this valuable garment from the garbage can.

Take note of the trick to make your stockings last longer:

  1. Unpack the new socks and put them in a coquita with water until they are well soaked.
  2. Drain them and put them in a resealable plastic bag. Close it well.
  3. Put them in the freezer
  4. leave them there at least 24 hours
  5. defrost them with warm water and put them to dry
  6. apply lacquer in the parts that tend to break more easily, such as the tips and heels.

And ready! Reliable sources (the grandmothers) have assured us that with this procedure their stockings lasted up to 10 years.

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