Trick to dance all night… IN HEELS!

If you are one of those who always ends up with heels in hand and dancing barefoot, this trick is for you!

Surely you will feel identified with this: they invite you to “LA FIESTA”, and you leave all in high heelswith those 12 centimeter high shoes that besides being your wet dream come true when you bought them, you have never used, because you can’t stand the pain!


What’s happening? Well, after a couple of hours of dancing, you can’t stand on your feet and you want to send those heels to the PM… Or not? And it is that it’s not easy to walk in heels, much less show off your dancing skills on the dance floor! Right Chicken?

Fortunately, there is an easy trick! It’s a little known secret, but those who use it claim that it allows you to dance all night in heels without pain. Consists in tape the ring and middle fingers together (they are not called that, but we say it so that you can locate them in your hands) as the illustration indicates…

Why does this trick work?

In the foot we have a divided nerve between these two toes, which hurts when we wear high heels; joining the fingers reduces the pressure on the nerve and therefore there is no pain. However, you have to keep in mind that even if your feet don’t hurt, you can cause damage by wearing shoes that are too high, much more so if they are narrow, so don’t abuse them.

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