Trendy haircuts among famous Colombian women

These are the fashionable haircuts that many of the most beloved celebrities of the national show business are crazy about.

Are you thinking of going to the beauty salon for a makeover? Keep in mind how the hair of Colombian celebrities looks these days, because they are an important reference in terms of hair style.

The fashionable haircuts that the Creole showbiz loves


This cut goes up to shoulder height; it can be trimmed, layered, or straight, and can be worn straight or wavy. Some celebrities who have it at the moment are:

Valentina Lizcano

Pilar Schmitt

johanna fadul

the mane

This is typical long hair, slightly trimmed and just slightly shorter around the face. Wavy looks spectacular. Some of the celebrities who love him are:

Andrea Serna

Greeicy Rendon

Caroline Cruz


It’s like the midi, only a few inches longer from the shoulders. See how it looks on celebrities…

Chichila Navia

Pauline Vega

Veronica Orozco

The last of the trendy haircuts is the… Capul!

Yes, ladies, the capul (or the capul, as it can also be said) is a cut that can be worn with long hair, lobs or midi lengths, and gives a mischievous touch to any type of face. See how they use it…

Natalie Paris

Flora Martinez

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