Tremendous rudeness of David Bisbal to his ex (Video)

The singer made the popular cobra to his ex during a concert in Barcelona, ​​he, full of dignity, preferred to avoid the kiss that Chenoa tried to give him in front of the event attendees and social networks exploded.

Everything happened within the framework of the OT event: The reunion, a concert made by the ex-participants of Operation Triumph (OT)a Spanish contest that sought to train singers, specifies El Mundo.

15 years later, the artists wanted to revive that era that revolutionized the Iberian country by interpreting the song ‘hidden’with which their love story began and the one that ended after three years, highlights La Vanguardia.

The more than 17 thousand attendees They had their eyes set on the show of the mediatic couple, who after finishing singing gave each other a big hug and some kisses on the cheek.

However, Chenoa wanted to kiss Bisbal on the mouth, but the artist immediately walked away, took her by the hand and addressed a few words to the public, while the singer’s rude face was seen.

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This is how the networks reacted after the situation between the singers.

Chenoa and Bisbal at the end of hidden. Very tragic for the fans, who are already ordering pajamas on Aliexpress.

– Ginés W García (@gineswgarcia) October 31, 2016

#OTConcert On the left, Bisbal. On the right, Chenoa.

– Juan Pablo Bellido (@JPBellido) October 31, 2016

This is the reason why David Bisbal The cobra did, after the concert he presented his current girlfriend on his social networks, “the keys appeared”.

Taken from Pulse