Toxic or not? Woman faked her marriage to make her ex jealous

Sarah Vilard faked her marriage to make her ex-partner jealous and on the Tik Tok platform it was where he published the photos of that moment.

According to the portal The New York Post Sarah broke up with her boyfriend in 2019 and a few months later he decided to carry out his plan.

This consisted of buy the wedding dress, rent a villa to make the apparent celebration, ask her friends to be her bridesmaids and finally, hire a fake boyfriend.

The post has about 5 thousand comments between criticism and congratulations and over a million views.

“Remembering the time I pretended to get married and had a photo shoot to get back at my ex”

Text with which Sarah Vilard accompanied the video with photos of her fake marriage.

Currently the young woman is 24 years old, lives in the German city of Frankfurt and the song that accompanied his video is ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley.

So it was that Sarah faked her marriage

Apparently Sarah was satisfied with her performance and assures that her ex the day after seeing her publications, wrote to her to find out if she had been cheating on him while they were together.

Among the comments he has received some messages such as: “This level of dedication is completely psychotic or absolutely awesome”, “LOL you have unlocked a new level of pettiness, congratulations”.

Tell us how you think about what Sarah did and if you would be willing to do the same with your ex.