Tostao’s departure from MasterChef generated a whole rain of memes

Tostao’s recent departure from MasterChef generated a whole rain of memes where the followers of the program expressed mixed feelings.

Although the characters that are part of the current season of the cooking reality show have not generated as much controversy and discord as last season, where characters like Carla Giraldo, Marbelle, Catalina Maya and Viña Machado were constantly criticized for their «bad attitude” in the competition, if there have been some chefs who have sometimes earned various criticisms.

Names like Isabella Santiago, Aco Pérez and Pamela Ospina have been a trend precisely because of some moments of discord and tension that they have starred in and that in the eyes of the program’s followers have not been good at all, but the list has also included to the popular artist ‘Tostao’. Why?

Well, despite the fact that his energy and his good vibes infected both his colleagues and thousands of viewers, sometimes his comments (sometimes offensive against his colleagues) or his way of working as a team was out of place, so that even many expected his early departure.

Tostao’s departure from MasterChef generated a whole rain of memes

And precisely this was what happened in one of the most recent episodes of the program, because after a hard-fought free test in which Estiwar G, Natalia Ramírez, Isabella Santiago and the singer showed the best of their culinary talent, the juries decided that his preparation was the least successful, so he had to leave the competition.

Of course, the words of affection from the chefs and their colleagues did not wait, but despite the fact that he was fired amid praise and applause, the situation was experienced in networks completely differently, as the mixed feelings of viewers after his departure.

Some regretted it, while others celebrated it! And everything was evidenced in various comments and memes on platforms such as Twitter. Here some of them:

What a nice farewell they gave Tostao, if he was as bad a person as they say he was, he wouldn’t have had this farewell… «it’s not for flavor» 👏👏👏👏#MasterChefCelebritycolombia

– Vilma Vargas (@vilmavargas1305) April 25, 2022

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