Top 5: The most hated signs of the Zodiac are these. I knew it!

could you be part of the most hated signs of the zodiac they are sbaerlo That would explain why sometimes you don’t like them even if you try hard to please everyone: it’s not them, it’s you!

Sometimes someone dislikes us and we don’t know why, so we think “I am not a gold coin to be liked by everyone” and we calmly walk away, thinking that the problem is not ours but the other person’s; however, sometimes it is our fault, it is just that we are not aware of the behaviors that are annoying to others.

That is why knowing yourself is very important, to identify your shortcomings and work on them. There are many ways to achieve this, from meditation with the angels and how to do it without leaving home, to psychological therapy, passing through the astrological description of the personality based on the zodiacal signs. According to this esoteric discipline, human behavior is governed by the position of the stars at birth, so it could become a good tool for self-knowledge.

Are you in the top 5 among the most hated signs of the Zodiac?

5. Scorpio

Most people distrust Scorpios because they themselves are distrustful and don’t give their trust right away, so at first they remain distant and cold, although cordial. That indifference makes them seem short-tempered, seemingly impenetrable people and that is why potential friends or partners could leave terrified before giving themselves the opportunity to get to know them better. Because they have their little heart: once you earn their trust, you will discover that deep down they are detailed and loving.

4. Sagittarius

They do not realize that their way of saying things, in a way that is too direct and unfiltered, often hurts the feelings of those around them, especially people with whom they have some type of family or sentimental relationship. That is why their friends and friends love them, but from afar, simply to avoid feeling violated every time the person born under the sign of the bow and arrow opens his mouth and shoots his arrow. And, to top it off, they have a very good aim to hit right where it hurts the most.

3. Virgo

It would be nice to learn what the virgo compatible signs! They are too observant, which is why they cannot avoid seeing the rod in the other’s eye; if the issue stayed there, there would be no problem, the thing is that they have a habit of pointing out the flaws they see in others, and nobody likes to have their mistakes brought out. That is why they easily earn the hatred of those who have to deal with them in academic and work environments.

The most hated signs of the Zodiac

2. Leo

They were born to win, and they know it, that’s why they usually give the impression of wanting everything on a silver platter and without effort, because they really believe that they already earned it by the simple fact of existing. Although their excess of self-confidence and high self-esteem can make them natural leaders, they also earn many staunch enemies, who unfortunately remain by their side with the double intention of profiting, although they hate them with deep envy behind their backs. .

1. Gemini

Geminis top this list for their inability to stay emotionally stable and on the same page about anything; one day they love you and the next day they don’t even want to see you, and that attitude is interpreted by others as one of the worst forms of betrayal. Their way of being makes them have many friends, however, they leave them when they realize how double they can become.

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