Top 5 of the best episodes of The Simpsons according to science

According to science, these would be lThe 5 best episodes of The Simpsons and we want to see whether or not you agree with what this study indicated.

Many assure that the new seasons no longer had the same grace with which the Springfield family first appeared on the screens. For this reason, according to the study, it was from season 11 that each chapter began to report downturns and viewers began to migrate to watch programs like ‘South Park’ Y ‘Family Guy’.

Do you want to know which are the best five episodes of The Simpsons? Here we leave them…

Some fans of The Simpsons agreed to mention that there was a time when the series began to lower its level. However, a recent study revealed which are the best chapters that no person could miss.

It also vibrates with…

Place 5: New York City vs. Homer Simpson

Post 4: Who Killed Mr. Burns?

Rank 3: Halloween Night Special V

Rank 2: Only moves twice

Position 1: Homer’s enemy

And you, Do you agree that these are the 5 best episodes of The Simpsons? Would you remove some and put others? Leave us your comments in this note and share on all your social networks.

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