Top 12 Small & Large Dog Breeds With Long Hair

cuddle alert! Dogs with long hair look great – and the head of hair shows up in very different colors and textures.

We introduce you to six small and six large long-haired dogs. From stately beards to lion manes to royal furry friends, everything is included. You’ll even spot a movie star!

Have fun sifting through – um, browsing!

The 12 most popular dog breeds with long hair at a glance

Dog breeds with long hair are divided into dogs with and without a beard. Dogs with a beard also have long facial hair, while dogs without a beard have short facial fur.

If a dog has long hair genetically, it does not automatically mean that the coat will grow to the ground. For some dogs, the hair is only medium long – not bad either, it’s easier to care for!

But there are also suitable long-haired dogs for those who have little pleasure in long office orgies. Read on and let them wrap you around their beard.

Small dog breeds with long hair

There are some small dogs with long fur. Fluffy representatives are particularly popular with so-called companion dog breeds, which were and are bred for beauty.

Such a little plush ball looks adorable but is still a dog. This means that he also needs training and dog-friendly utilization – regardless of the “designer coat”.

1. Shih Tzu

The Tibetan Shih Tzu sports an opulent head of hair in all possible colors. In the past, the dense fur served to protect against the icy weather in the Himalayas, but today the dog is popular all over the world for visual reasons.

Unfortunately, breeders pay more attention to their appearance, which leads to Shih Tzus who have difficulty breathing due to a snout that is too short or whose coat is too long and prevents them from walking and seeing.

A well-bred Shih Tzu is a happy, confident, and intelligent dog with a smart hairstyle.

Good to know:

Many owners have the fur around their eyes trimmed or tied up to prevent eye infections.

2. Skye Terriers


The little Scot is a sly old dog. Its character reflects the rugged and exciting landscape of the Isle of Skye reflected: He is independent, courageous, territorial and very loyal.

The exceptionally long back in combination with the long hair gives the dogs their characteristic appearance.

The fur requires daily care, as a lot of dirt gets caught in the floor-length top coat. You should brush at least every two days.

The bearded Skye Terrier is just one of many terrier breeds with long hair – others include the Yorkshire Terrier, Tibetan Terrier or Australian Silky Terrier.

3. Maltese

The snow-white Maltese represents the six so-called Bichon breeds in our list, all of which have long to medium-length coats.

bichon is French for lap dog, because that’s exactly what the good-natured minis were bred for decades.

Maltese are playful and affectionate. And anyone who feels called to do great things will find a suitable partner in the Maltese – not just because they are smart and like to learn new tricks.

The fluffy minis used to be coveted companions of queens and empresses.

Grooming should not be underestimated: the Maltese’s silky hair tends to tangle and needs daily grooming.

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4. American Cocker Spaniel

The American variant of the Cocker Spaniel is characterized by long, feathery ears and silky hair that falls down the sides to the ground.

In show breeding, appearance is often prioritized over health and character. It’s a pity, because the American Cocker Spaniel has an exceptionally loving, approachable nature from healthy breeding.

As a variation of the Cocker Spaniel, the American breed still has a hunting instinct. However, long ears and fur make hunting use impossible.

Nevertheless, he is happy about excursions into nature with his people.

5. Pekingese

The Pekingese used to be reserved for Chinese rulers as a palace dog. With its bushy fur, it was nicknamed the “Lion Dog”.

Today’s Pekingese are unfortunately very affected by phenomena of torture breeding. The extremely short snout, bulging eyes, strong nose folds, excessively long fur and a partially crippled gait reduce the little lion’s zest for life.

He is very charming in character. His intelligence, paired with a strong will of his own, needs consistent training, which is then rewarded with affection and loyalty.

6. German Spitz

The Spitz is available in all possible sizes and colors. Nowadays, the dwarf and small spitz are a little more common than the large representatives.

In the past, Spitz were used throughout Germany as guard dogs for house and yard. They even coined their own saying: Spitz watch out!

Even the small Spitz have the vigilance of their ancestors in their blood and are wary of strangers. He is affectionate and docile towards his caregivers.

Surprisingly, the Spitz’s coat rarely needs to be brushed, as the hair is dirt-resistant and robust.

Large dog breeds with long hair

Large dogs with long hair are particularly imposing. In addition to the long top coat, some breeds have a lush undercoat that makes them look particularly fluffy.

Males often have slightly longer hair than females of the same breed – this is particularly noticeable in the bushy «collar».

1. Collie

The elegant head and the lush long hair will certainly look familiar to you:

Lessi greets!

The TV dog has made the long-standing collie variant famous.

Collies are Scottish herding dogs and as such are very intelligent and eager to learn. You absolutely need a job.

With enough exercise, collies can also be gentle family dogs – just like Lessi.

Fortunately, the long hair is very easy to care for, regular brushing is enough for the silky shine.

2. Bobtail

The bobtail has a balanced and confident personality – a very British gentleman! After all, it is also one of the oldest sheepdog breeds in England.

Despite his composure, he has a lot of power and likes to be challenged physically and mentally.

The cuddly fur of the Bobtail is wonderfully cuddly, but it comes at a price: daily brushing and weekly furness programs lasting several hours are a must!

3. Briard

The French Berger de Brie wears long twisted fur in black, gray, or fawn.

Proper combing every week or two is enough to maintain the goatee-like hair.

As a herding dog, the Briard has a bright mind and a strong sense of family. However, it can also happen that he decides on his own that the group of people should not separate on the walk.

With loving upbringing, the Briard is a sporty and reliable companion.

4. Afghan Hound

Greyhounds are fast and persistent runners that were bred to hunt on their own. This is reflected in your character: you are independent, sensitive and don’t like to be submissive.

Her pride is also reflected in the elegance of her appearance. The silky hair gives them a glamorous appearance, but also requires daily and thorough brushing.

5. Samoyed

The «smiling polar bear» from Siberia once served as a working dog for nomadic peoples. On cold nights he was allowed to go into bed as a source of warmth.

Even today, the friendly Samoyed needs to be close to its people. In order for the breed-typical «smile» to come from the heart, he also needs sufficient physical and mental exercise.

Grooming does not stand in the way of exuberant activities in nature: the Samoyed’s light-colored fur is self-cleaning, occasional brushing is sufficient.

6. Puli

The funny dog ​​with natural dreadlocks is a curious sight.

The fur care is also something special here: It is not brushed, but dishonored. The ends of the hair are pulled apart to bring the black fur into a «string» shape.

The Hungarian Puli is strong-willed, courageous and alert – just like a herding dog. He likes to make himself the leader if he doesn’t see anyone else as suitable.

If the person proves to be a capable boss, he is happy to follow.

Being in charge also means giving your Puli tasks – the active whirlwind needs exercise and encouragement so that he doesn’t get any stupid ideas!

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