Top 10 plus 3 extras of worst buttocks tattoos

This Top is based on Max’s Top who always brings us 10 points plus three extras. Before you see the images, it is worth clarifying that you may never erase them from your mind, some of them are very strange. Here are 10 buttock tattoos you’ll most likely regret…

On the other hand, we cannot guarantee that the people who had these tattoos were completely lucid, they are really very brave to do these things. Now yes, the blessing and let’s start.

Extra: Yes, that comes from there.

Top 10: You’ll Hate Pac-Man After This

Top 9: The World-Coolie-Map

Top 8: Who is going to have breakfast here?

Top 7: Batteries burn their hair!

Top 6: Is it a tattoo or a punishment?

Also vibrates with:

Bonus: A self-portrait in case you get lost…

Top 5: Super Nalgaaaaa

Top 4: Danger, yes, what a danger…

Top 3: Where will the “X” of the treasure be.

Top 2: He always wanted to feel a woman’s hands on his butt.

Extra: Attention a dwarf was lost, where did he go?

Top 1: Buttocks with nipples… speechless.

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