Top 10 most viewed Vibra notes in 2015

This year our Vibra website featured many stories, some funny, some sexy and some weird. We share with you the top 10 of the most viewed.

Top #10: Science Says She Has The Perfect Body

Do you remember Kelly Brook? She was the chubby model who at the beginning of 2015 broke all stereotypes when a study by the University of Texas that she had «the perfect body»…

Top # 9: Some funny phrases and their meaning

Our announcers gave the explanation of some phrases that we commonly hear in strange conversations…

Top # 8: Are you Eros or Thanatos in private?

Lots of people sighed solving this Vibratest… You can still do it.

Top # 7: Watch here chapter 1 of «The princes of Jennifer»

Our first web series, starring our hosts, was a hit!

Top # 6: Find out your mental age – Vibratest

Thousands of people had fun while they found out how old they were inside their brain… Have you done it yet?

Top # 5: Foods to have «zero belly»

This note was published in January 2015, so according to our calculations, if you followed the advice you should have less than 10 belly… Or not?

Top # 4: Are you sure you wear your size bra?

If you are still not sure what number and letter of the cup you are, you have to read this note, or see it again…

Top # 3: Esperanza Gómez seduces taxi drivers (video)

Do you remember the video in which the porn actress Esperanza Gómez greets several taxi drivers and they go crazy?

Top #2: 10 things that drive him crazy in bed

Instead of speculating, at Vibra we ask them what drives them crazy in bed… Have you already put it into practice?

Top # 1: Tino and other celebrities who have shown off their “tool”

And we come to number one, as always, a pure morbosada! If you didn’t see this note, you can’t miss it!

For you, What was the note of Vibra that you liked the most of this 2015? Tell us in the comments…