Top 10 best gifts for me (child)

Christmas is here! And we, the children, know it, that’s why we are behaving very well, so that the grown-ups give us these gifts!

Do you remember when you were little and you counted the days for the arrival of December 24? The excitement of gifts is unmatched by anything you adults feel, so this Christmas I want any of the gifts from this top (HOPLY NUMBER 1)for me!

  • Top #10. A spinnerbut from the originals!

  • Top #8. I’m already big, that’s why I want clothing Brand new, but from the warehouse that I WANT…

  • Top #7. The last videogame consolebut the one that I tell you, because if not, it is not compatible with my other games!

  • Top #6. A pair of earphones Wireless for when I have to study…

  • Top #5. A laptop to do a lot of homework, because I’m on trial!

  • Top #4. The book of my favorite youtuber or the next volume of the saga that I talk to you about all the time, you know which one it is!

  • Top #2. Nail virtual reality glasses like the ones they gave to Lau, 15…

Top #1. This year I showed that I am very responsible, so I deserve a smartphone, but with data! Please, please, please, please, please…!

Tell us, Which of these gifts do you think would make me smile the most? Write the answer in the comments of this note, and share it in your Face!