To live or not with parents after marriage

We share the pros and cons of continuing to live with your parents when you are already married.

«The married man wants a house», the mothers said when they saw that the boyfriend was having too much time in one’s house. This phrase was followed by the typical one of the pope… “And how many are his intentions?” After the wedding and the honeymoon, some of us are going to get a brand new apartment (even if it is for rent), but many others (the majority) we settle in the room of the paternal house of one of the two spouses, while we take flight.

Whether we like it or not, this is a reality, and It has its pros and cons. We consulted with the psychologist André Didyme-Dome, who pointed them out to us, as follows:

  1. Economy: Living with parents can save rent, utilities and even daily expenses. If there is organization and true collaboration, living with parents can be the answer for many couples with economic problems in these times of crisis.
  2. Watch out: If you have children, parents can assume their role as grandparents and can solve the eternal dilemma of covering work and household chores. And if the parents cook, food will always be found when they get home from work.
  3. Confidence: Living with parents generally means living with someone you trust completely, to whom you can tell things without problems. That is something very important when coexistence is from day to day. With a stranger or someone you don’t trust, it is very difficult to express problems and difficulties.
  1. Immaturity: One of the characteristics of being an adult is autonomy. Living with parents is an act of regression, which like it or not, generates bonds of dependency.
  2. there is no intimacy: Living with parents can practically end sexual life.
  3. restrictions: You have to remember that if you live with your parents, they are the owners of the house and their rules prevail over those of the guests. For this reason, freedom, customs and schedule management depend largely on their decisions.

Tell us your experience. How have you been living with your in-laws or parents after marriage? Write us your opinions in the comments of this note.