To dream that I am shot, get ready for some surprises!

If you’ve been wondering lately about what it means dream of gunshotsyou should know that these apparent nightmares would tell you about negative feelings that you might be experiencing.

Definitely, dreams are a great teacher of life. Those visions that can turn into nightmares like when you get shot, would be a sign that the subconscious gives you to prepare yourself for some difficulties that could come into your life. In addition, they would invite you to strengthen your self-esteem and character to get ahead in the face of obstacles that may come your way.

We want to teach you what it means to dream of infidelity and also give you the tools so that you know how to correctly interpret the visions in which you are shot:

dream of being shot in the chest

Often, this dream is associated with feelings of confusion and insecurity in the field of love. Perhaps, you are going through a crisis with your partner and doubt about some betrayal that he has committed behind your back. Another reason would be the feeling of heartbreak and/or abandonment that you would be experiencing from friends or special people and that you would have shown unexpectedly without knowing the reason for their behavior.

To dream that they shoot me but I don’t die

Of course, this vision would relate to the rudeness and toughness with which you behave and assume the most complicated situations in life. Perhaps some characteristics that define you are perseverance and emotional intelligence and this dream would tell you that if you keep your mind focused, you would be able to achieve everything you want. You should be alert not to be arrogant because success is achieved by maintaining integrity.

Dream that they shoot me and die

The meaning of this revelation would speak directly about you and your personality. In addition, it would show insecurities in your love relationship or in your current life, which is why you feel afraid when making decisions. This vision would talk about your weakness, anxiety and anguish in front of others because you fear that by leaving behind certain harmful behaviors, you could lose them.

To dream that they shoot at me and there are no bullets

Perhaps, this dream could mean that you are punishing yourself for attitudes that you do not believe are part of your habitual behavior. Commonly, these visions appear when you feel bad and embarrassed in front of others when you think that you have made a mistake and this situation could have caused problems for the people around you.

To dream that they shoot at me and I dodge the bullets

The subconscious would be showing you that you could be going through moments of vulnerability, weakness and lack of protection. These feelings may be linked to loneliness or fights you’ve had with people close to you and that have lowered your spirits. Also, it would indicate that you do not have moral, spiritual, or emotional strength to fight against the challenges that would be presented to you in the workplace and in love.

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