Tips to make your bra last longer

Why buy such expensive lingerie if you don’t know how to take care of it? The truth is that few of us know how to do it and that is why we are going to give you a couple of tricks so that your sexy clothes last longer.

On several occasions we buy lingerie that is not exactly cheap, that is why if you specifically want spending on your bras to be worthwhile, you should pay attention to what to do to preserve them and extend their useful life.

don’t double them

While this is the way they will take up less space, it will also mean that they will not last long, as the shape of the cup will be damaged immediately.

Wash them by hand and separately

Not washing them separately and by hand, because it is faster and “easier”, can considerably reduce the life of your ‘bra’. That is why you should try to do it gently by hand and dry them on a flat surface, not in the dryer or hanging.

Buy your correct size

They must be the right ones for you and for this you need to know what your correct size is, that size with which the neckline is low and is next to the bust. If you do not find the measure that is perfect for your breasts, ask for help from the advisers in the stores where you buy your lingerie.

excess washing

It is recommended to wash your bra after 2 and 4 postures. Beware that washing it too often can damage the elasticity of the garment, which is bad for the breasts, according to a recent study.

Taken from Vanities