Tips for ventilating the house in times of pandemic

This Monday in a new balance from the Ministry of Health (Minsal), the Undersecretary of Health, Paula Daza delivered some ventilation recommendations for houses, and thus prevent the spread of covid-19 in closed places. To do this, the undersecretary suggested the «2, 3, 30 rule», which consists of keeping two windows or doors open, in opposite places, three times a day for at least 30 minutes.

It is that ventilating the house prevents the accumulation of viruses inside the home, especially focused on the current Covid19 pandemic. In a few minutes, and with a simple gesture, you will be able to eliminate the charged air, helping to take care of your health.

Ventilate your house in the mornings. The best time to ventilate your house is in the morning, but if it is very cold, the ideal is to open them when the outside temperature is higher, which can be at noon. In winter, especially, it is essential to do so to prevent the proliferation of mold, which increases its presence with the use of heating.

Ventilate strategic places. The two rooms that you should always ventilate are the bedrooms in the morning, after getting up, and the bathroom every time you take a bath or shower to prevent the appearance of mold. And without a doubt, do not forget to ventilate the kitchen.

The method of Undersecretary Paula Daza. The “2, 3, 30 rule”, which consists of keeping two windows or doors open, in opposite places, three times a day for at least 30 minutes. Although you will feel colder, it will turn out much faster. It is effective in those houses in which the windows are numerous and are distributed in such a way that they allow these currents to be powerful and very effective.

Air purifiers. The purifier passes the air it absorbs through its special filters, disinfects it and returns it to the room clean and pure, making it an indispensable device in every home. Without a doubt, with the filters they carry, cleaning is even greater, which is why they have increased their sales as a result of the pandemic.

Passive and forced ventilation louvers. A point to consider in the home is the use of lattices, which are used when the natural intake of air into a room is insufficient, or does not have the capacity to maintain a space in comfortable conditions.

«In the market there are two types, highlighting the passive one, which uses air inlets and outlets located at strategic points in the home, focused on areas where ventilation is required, with filters that clean the air that comes from outside. Then comes Ventilation Forced, which is where it extracts or supplies air from a certain space, through the use of mechanical devices, in order to control temperature, extract polluting gases, dilute particles and dust produced by industrial processes or to provide necessary oxygen. ensures Andrew MoyaConstruction Area Manager of, a company that has this type of solutions.

Temperature. Always consider that the environment is at a temperature no higher than 24 to 25º, since heating the environment is harmful to the respiratory system, specifically the upper part such as the trachea, larynx and upper bronchi. And this can be further complicated by viruses that are in the air