Tips and care: How to take care of your dog in spring

Spring is already in the air, there is more light and temperatures are a little higher, which makes you want to go out and enjoy the outdoors. And what better companion for these walks than our beloved dogs who are eager to walk.

as explained Alfredo SotoVeterinarian of Dog Evolution: “Dogs are not exempt from suffering from some discomfort or illness associated with changes in season, such as, for example, seasonal allergies or itching«, among other things.

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And to maintain and take care of your health, he shares with us some of the main seasonal care.

  • Vaccines: This is something that we should worry about all year round, but considering that at this time we enjoy the outdoors more, it is convenient to check that they are up to date to coordinate the visit to the veterinarian and not wait until the last minute. This way he will be protected.
  • allergies: Dogs also have allergies and they are more common than we think. They can suffer from skin conditions caused by dust mites, pollen from trees and plants (this is usually seasonal), fungi from the environment and insects. In certain cases, flea bites can also cause allergies that are very annoying due to the inflammatory reaction and itching of the skin.
  • Hair change: Shedding of hair during the change of season occurs mainly in breeds that have long hair. To reduce the impact that this has on your environment and the inconvenience it has for your pet, you can remove the excess during the bath with a shampoo suitable for its skin type. Regular brushing also helps, in this way you remove loose hair and stimulate the secretion and distribution of natural oils throughout the coat.

Considering these aspects will contribute to your health and well-being.