This year the contraceptive injection for men arrives. We give you the details!

In 2020 comes the contraceptive injection for men; this is one of the technological advances and planning methods that we have been waiting for years, both men and women.

The contraceptive injection for men is excellent news, especially for women who are tired of planning, as there are theories, myths and lies about pregnancy prevention that have us bored.

Within a few months, this injection will be on the market and several factors must be taken into account. Female contraceptives have been approved and circulating since 1928 and men’s is still approved.

When a pregnancy occurs, who runs, in most cases, with the greatest responsibility is the woman; who is even branded as antimoral in case of not wanting to have the baby.

This is why the ones who best receive the news are women, since the responsibility for family planning lies with both parties. If your guy wants to start planning with this method, he must first know:

Characteristics of the contraceptive injection for men

  • It does not affect ejaculation or the sensation of orgasm.
  • All studies and exams were successfully completed.
  • Allows seminal flow
  • It comes in injectable form.
  • Unlike any contraceptive method for women, it does NOT contain side effects (hormonal changes, acne, among others).
  • It has an effectiveness of 97.3%.
  • it is reversible
  • It works within 15 minutes of being injected.

It should be noted that unlike all planning methods for women, the contraceptive injection for men has many more advantages and is less harmful.

And you, what do you think about the arrival of the contraceptive injection for men? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to share!

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