This would have been the last days of Lina Marulanda

On April 22, 2010, this famous Colombian model and presenter ended her life. Why did he do it if he seemed to have everything? These were the last days of Lina Marulanda.

In a recent program on Canal Caracol, hosted by Diva Jessurum, friends and family of Lina Marulanda spoke about her death .

So were the last days of Lina Marulanda

According to those interviewed in this program, she was going through several simultaneous problems at the time of her death:

  • Media and viewer reviewswho told her that she was very skinny and that she was a bad presenter.
  • He had decided withdraw from the media.
  • He invested all his savings in a women’s accessories company, but the business did not prosper.
  • had separated (it was her second marriage), however, in those days she was hoping to rebuild the relationship.
  • Her longtime employee (who was like her second mom to her) stole it.
  • Apparently she had stopped eating, so she could have suffered from anorexia.
  • He was taking medication for mental health, as he suffered from depression.

When she decided to take her own life, she was not alone. in the apartment were His parents, his assistant and the accountant; she was supposedly sleeping when they heard the noise. When they got off her, they saw her on the floor, with a wooden Miraculous Virgin in her hand.

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Peace in his grave.

With information from: Final File