This was what Sebastián Martínez and Kathy Sáenz did

We believe that we all identify Sebastián Martínez and Kathy Saénz, they are one of the couples most famous of the show business, since they have been together for a long time and prove to be very stable and happy.

In addition, it all started in a controversial way since the age difference between Sebastian Martinez and Kathy Saenz It was very notable and gave a lot to talk about, because it is no secret to anyone that Katy is older than Sebastián.

However, despite the comments and criticism, the couple has been together for several years since they met on the set of Forbidden Games in 2005 and they maintain a strong union. Her life is centered around her son and the different projects each one works on.

But they always attract attention for the different gifts that are made and which are published on their social networks and are reasons for criticism and praise like everything else.

An example of this is the video made by Sebastián Martínez and Kathy Sáenz dedicating a song to him in a very funny way.

And here we also have another little detail when Sebastián showed his friend, what would Katy Saenz say

What do they say about this relationship between Sebastián Martínez and Kathy Sáenz? Do they like it or make them sick, as many say, and would they like to have a relationship with such beautiful details or do they like it less cheesy.

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