This was the «tremendous» marriage of Mauro Urquijo

Mauro Urquijo had announced that he had wedding plans with María Gabriela Isler, his trans girlfriend. This was the great event in the city of Santa Marta.

After the scandal that broke out when Mauro Urquijo announced his relationship with a trans woman, the day of the wedding finally arrived. Although the event had few guests, the couple wanted to throw «the house out the window» with quite striking decoration, first-class food and even surprise dances.

As expected, the first to arrive at the salon in Santa Marta was Mauro, who wore a beige dress and brown shoes. In the midst of waiting for the bride, the journalist from the program ‘La Red’ asked him if this marriage was going to be the one of a lifetime, since he had already been married three more times. In the midst of laughter, the actor replied that “María Gabriela made him happy and it was not just about putting on a show”.

Then Maria Gabriela made her entrance in a long pearl-colored dress, in the middle of a civil wedding. In the event most anticipated by the young woman, she was accompanied by her father and her close friends all the time. They finally said «Yes» and before the cameras they assured that it was undoubtedly one of the happiest moments they had lived together.

This is the step-by-step video of the marriage of Mauro Urquijo and María Gabriela Isler:

How about the tremendous marriage with which Mauro Urquijo surprised?

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