This was Eileen Roca’s bikinazo after her pregnancy

Eileen Roca former Miss Colombia had a baby recently. Valentina, so called the baby, has been the happiness of the model and this was not an impediment to doing the bikinazo.

After someone becomes pregnant and especially if she is famous, the expectation of how her body will look after pregnancy is created, because for Eileen this was not a concern, it turns out that she published a photo in a tiny bikini showing off her body and what a surprise they got everybody.

To the admiration of many and the envy of others, Eileen wore an excellent figure after pregnancywas another of the celebrities who dared to do the bikinazo and received many compliments.

In the comments, more than one follower praised her for the confidence she shows when taking a photo like this. But, in addition, many congratulate her for her great physique, and for her beautiful baby.

In fact, the former queen and now actress had already shared a photo of breastfeeding. In the image, many were struck by Eileen’s great physique, who since infancy already showed off her flat abdomen again.

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Information from: Metro