This was Bunbury’s Unplugged

For those attending this concert, there were many surprises, not only were his guests, but his songs, he even performed songs from the time of Los Héroes del Silencio.

Among his special guests were pink drake, Vetusta Morla, Carla Morrison, Pepe Aguilar and León Larregui.

An image of the set list was leaked through social networks, which revealed what the 15 songs chosen by ‘the Wandering Aragonese’.

Many of the songs from those works are, for many fans, important in the career of Bunbury and they will surely be missed. For example, ‘Infinito’, from the album ‘Pequeño, from 1999, will not play. ‘ladyblue’of ‘Flamingosnor a large number of songs from ‘The journey to nowhere’from 2004, as ‘The rescue’ either ‘Good luck to you’which are part of the mental discography of any fan when they talk about Bunbury.

However, as the singer himself explained in an interview about this disconnected, choosing 15 songs of 30 years career is a bit difficult, so there will not be those that would seem logical to their fans, but those that had some things in common, others that were forgotten and many that they had not played for a long time, but that deserved to be there.

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The truth is that with the musical career of Bunbury It would not be illogical to think that later on we could have a new Unplugged, finally he always does something different that ends up surprising his fans.

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Taken from Pulse